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Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a spectacular 2010.

Mine is going to be full of adventures but before I launch into it, a coastal break with family is planned and eagerly anticipated, so pardon the quiet.  I’ll be taking photos, breathing quietly and watching the waves roll in.

Catch you when I return. 😉


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My daughter loves lollipops.  Almost nothing makes her happier.  So making them at home has been on my to-do list for, like – forever.

Today we gave this recipe a go.

We got around not having a sugar themometer by dropping some in to a glass of water from a teaspoon to see when it was becoming brittle enough – which was roughly after 5 minutes cooking (after the removing the lid stage). And cut some bamboo skewers in half for sticks.

I have to say it was incredibly fun and rewarding and yes we will be doing it again.  It took about 20 minutes of activity and the pan is soaking in the sink to dissolve the sugar – which will just need a light wash later.  Disgustingly easy.

And, they taste just like they should.  Hurrah!

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It’s a poignant Christmas this one.

The realisation that this may be the last one where both of my children believe absolutely in Santa.  The last in the house they have known all their lives so far.

The first fractured Christmas, and a bridging one between now and what will be.

They are so excited!  Lists have been made, expectations are soaring, plans are underway.  Shopping has begun, making is yet to come.

It feels like a blink since I took down the tree from last Christmas and put the ornaments back in their boxes, the worse for wear after being dragged around, handled, treasured and rearranged endlessly.  I realised today that most of them will just have to go, and that next year the preparing may have to start earlier.  We will make, find and prepare new ones and that is quite exciting to consider!

But the nicest surprise of the season so far was choosing a tree and bringing it home with my daughter to find a surprise.

A perfect, deep, pale grey birds nest amongst the green.  What a treasure!  And apparently a sign that the coming year will bring health, wealth and happiness.

Thanks universe.  Terribly grateful. 🙂

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