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The waiting room


The waiting Room – acrylic + wax on linen, 2007

I don’t really like going to the doctor, dentist, osteopath, whatever.  I need to be really suffering to do it.  So I try to distract myself while I’m hanging around by reading trash magazines, and making up stories in my head about the people who are also trapped in limbo.

I do the same thing waiting for movies to start, in the line at supermarkets, sometimes in traffic about people I see walking past.  The other day I saw someone who I’m fairly certain must have been a dirty-money cashed-up drug baron, with his streaked spiky hair, diamond stud earring and fancy t-shirt getting into his new car in our middle-class, conservative suburb.  Of course, he could have been a rebellious son, in a borrowed car, who happens to go out with a trainee hairdresser, and was very embarassed about his new ‘do, visiting his mother.

Arn’t people fascinating when reality is removed.

The girl in this picture, has been waiting, and now it’s her time.  For what?  I’ll leave it up to you 😉


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I’ve got spots


I don’t know about you – but I’m completely obsessed with leopard-print. Lying in bed last night, considering how to tackle the next stage of my new painting, it occured to me that I do have a complete outfit – actually more than one that is leopard.  Not that I’d wear it all at once – I’m not completely crazy.

Years ago I had a stall at the Melbourne Arts Centre.  I was making wraps from cashmere, mohair, and fake fur.  The most popular seller was one that was red mohair on one side, and plush leopard on the inside.  The girls loved them.  My mannequin sported a vintage leopard rollneck jumper (in leopard of course), and one of the red/leopard wraps, and you know, I think I could have sold that old jumper at least twice a day.

There’s something about leopard that makes you feel exotic and glamorous – even if you’re a harried mother, a fading overblown rose, or 2 years old and playing dressups.  This year there seems to be a bit of it at the shops, and I’m soooo tempted to buy up and store it – not to wear this year, but in 3 years time, when it will be less common again, and people will say – where did you get that!

I know it’s not for everyone, and you do need to be brave to wear it, but oooooh it’s good.  So, I thought I’d try and give a new girl a coat.  It’s actually bloody hard to recreate.  It looks so easy when you’re staring at the fabric.  Uniform background colour, large spots, partially framed by other dark spots.  Bit of texture…. I’m here to tell you I have a whole new respect for fabric designers.

And I’ve still got a long way to go…leopardwip.jpg

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self-portrait wednesday


Next Week my son turns 6.  To celebrate we are having a ‘secret agent’ party at our house for his school friends and a couple of cousins his age.  He is so incredibly excited.  I hope I can live up to his expectations.

We have asked the kids to turn up ‘in disguise’ – so hopefully the thrill of just dressing up will make it a bit special for them, as I havn’t planned anything more than food and some party bags to take home.  I had the idea of making a pinata and filling it with great stuff – but time got away from me – and I’m not sure that it’s all that tasteful to encourage 6 years old to whack something like that – even in the spirit of fun – it could all get horribly out of hand……

This week I put my neck out in some spectacular fashion – having to go to an osteopath to have it wrenched (in the nicest way possible) back into movement.  It was an unsettling experience, and I’m still in pain to be honest – though the movement has returned.  That cracking sound is something I’ll not forget in a hurry. *shudder*.  I have to go back tomorrow to have some more follow-up treatment, which I’m a bit nervous about.  Plus I have all this party-preparation to do, and fit some painting in when time permits.

I’d like an extra day in the week this week please………

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8 and away


The gorgeous owner of 775 art and craft in Red Hill did a studio visit with me this afternoon, and left with 8 works for her gallery.

It’s exciting to see someone appreciate my work, and choose, and take some away to show to others.  Lately, the work I’ve been selling has been to people I don’t know, and while this is fine and the order of things – it’s also impersonal.  You do the work, you put it somewhere people can see it.  They like it, or they don’t, and then you bring what’s left home.   You don’t really know what works or isn’t working for your audience (people who are sympathetic to your style of work), you only know what you sold – which could have been a different work on a different day.

It was a good exercise for me to see what was chosen and why.  And although she isn’t buying anything herself (I may end up with all of it back), she still made many choices from a larger body of work, and that was interesting to watch, and will help me in the next works I plan and tackle.

In the  meantime, I’m just thrilled that there will be some new works out in the world, and apparently there is a huge wall just waiting for them.  When I get down there I’ll post a picture. 🙂

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Work in Progress


Do you ever have those conversations when someone asks you what you’ve been up to, and you say – ‘oh nothing’. To be truthful I’ve been up to so much lately I’ve been getting myself into trouble. My plethora may soon be reduced to a trickle, and isn’t that wonderful and terrifying!

One work (Anthopomorphie 1) has ended up at Castleman Galleries, in Black Rock, I’m meeting with the terribly charming Gallery 775 in Red Hill in the next few days, who is hoping to take 4 works, and I also have a warm understanding with someone lovely in Phillip Island to visit with some work in a few weeks time.

So I’m feeling good, and happy, and have a touch of healthy stage-fright, with Canterbury on in a few weeks time as well. The work above will hopefully be going to that exhibition, which is an exciting one for me. New artists are limited in the works they exhibit, but I was invited to exhibit up to 6. Thrilling, and hopefully the start of a good relationship!

Last week I was feeling like I was balancing on the edge of something. This week I feel like I’m running downhill. Hope my legs can keep up with me.

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Right then, Judy decided she didn’t want to know what went on in the neighbour’s garden.

My submission to Illustration Friday this week – theme ‘I spy’

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Tears before bedtime


I did promise myself that this would not be a blog about family.  That it would be about art – my place to be an artist and talk about that process, and all it involves for me.  And it is, but I’m finding it very hard to seperate the two.  One feeds the other, one bruises the other, one nurses the other along.

Today is Zara’s first day of creche.  Today is Zara’s first *sob* full day of creche.

I wasn’t expecting to feel so sad about it.  I’ve been excited about it all week.  One full day of painting, gallery-hopping, socialising, art supply shopping.  One full day in which I can do whatever I need to to help kick this art thing along.  One full day, for her to make friends (and she really wants friends – she talks about it all the time), paint, play with puzzles, and dig in the sandpit.

I was a bit teary in the car on the way home.  I opened the door to an empty house and actually started crying.  Very unexpected, and I suppose natural.  She’s my baby.

A few minutes sketching later, to remind me why I’m doing this, and I do feel better.  And if she doesn’t like it – I can always bring her home.

This afternoon I’m going to visit a new gallery that might take some work. And that would be a nice thing. So today will be about sorting out the work, pricing, and getting an artist statement ready.  Wish me luck!

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