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Red Boots


This is ‘Red Boots’ – #6 in my 20 paintings by March challenge, and the last of the frenzied 3. I hope I can keep this momentum up – but the days are starting to get warmer again here. It’s 33% outside, and I’m starting to feel very heavy and weary. Time to hit the beach and just lie around methinks!


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Rainy Daze


Rainy Daze 122cm x 61cm Acrylic on canvas.

This was a painting that just had to come out. I don’t even like yellow usually, but it was speaking to me in some weird way. I’m really happy with this one. Not sure if I can part with it actually……

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Oh Mary!


Now Christmas is past, all that pent up painting energy is having to spill out. It’s been making me a bit crazy and I have 3 big canvasses on the go to try and get rid of some of it.

The first one was finished today. She’s 122cm high x 61cm wide. I call her ‘Oh Mary!’. I’ve had lots of fun with brushes, fingers, sticks and the palette knife. I’m loving the palette knife lately!

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Rose Coloured Glasses


Hope your Christmas was a good one. Mine was filled with laughter – too much food and very excited children. Perfect.

Here’s my new one – #3 in my 20 by March challenge. ‘Through Rose Coloured Glasses’. Being an optimistic realist is preferable in my view.

Acrylic on canvas – no wax this time.

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My Lover


Finished #2. Title: ‘My lover is locked in a tall tower’. I watched a great and very funny Australian movie last weekend and it was about lawyers – working hard and coming to terms with their morals (or lack of) in parts.

I remember years when I worked in big corporate buildings in Melbourne City, how hard and long some of those people worked, and the tolls it inevitably takes on relationships. I think it’s an ongoing crime against humanity actually, and unfortunately most of it is self-inflicted.

People forget to connect meaningfully with their kids, partnerships become soured, people become jaded and harder to love. And really, I think life is about being happy and making others happy whenever possible.

This girl is full of expectation, captured like that in a photo on his desk, but things have changed since he’s been working so late and she feels worn down, and neglected and just a little bit angry.

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lime light


It’s a funny feeling being so close to Christmas – being so disorganised and somehow not panicking. In reality I have not done my Christmas Cards yet – I think I’ve done all my shopping, but I havn’t actually written a list yet so I don’t know that for sure, and I have yet to send my Father’s presents to Hobart – actually I havn;t even wrapped them yet, and I’m, not sure when he finishes work for the week either.

I’m not sure if it’s delusional calm, painting calm, or knowing that it will all be alright by the date.

Somebody kick me please….

The 2 paintings I’m currently working on a 2/3 finished. Some more detail to go, the the distressing (the fun part). Should be done in the next day or two. Then perhaps I should attend to Christmas duties….

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big fat canvas

I love big fat chunky canvasses. I just bought 6 big 2 foot square (6 inches deep) ones – to make head and shoulder scenes on. What fun!

The dark one will have a butterfly on it fairly soon, and the girl in front of the buildings is called ‘my love is locked in a tower’. They’ll be buildings – don’t you hate it when your lover has to work late.

They are both about 1/3 finished.

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