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You’d never guess


You’d never guess. Oil on Linen 2007

This is a new work going to the Brighton Art Show in a few weeks. It’s part of my Anthropomorphie series – exploring the way we are animalistic in our actions.

It’s also inspired by my son’s fascination with cat-girls. Innocent but very funny, and certainly due to one too many watchings of old batman movies. We love those old, camp batman movies.

I’ve had a busy week mentally preparing for a family party for my mother who turned 60 yesterday. While it’s not a huge party – having 15 people in my house is enough to make me just a tiny bit tense, and cranky. Today I’ve started to prepare food and clean the house – I need the adrenalin rush to get that done without too much trauma. Ridiculous I know…

I made her a painting, and had it professionally framed in an ornate frame. I so hope she likes it. It’s a bit pretty for my usual tastes, but was done with her in mind. She’s a constant gardener – so it’s a garden angel to protect her and her garden. Always nerve-wracking giving a painting away. Perhaps they will hate it and feel obliged to keep it forever. Perhaps I’ll hate it in a year and be embarassed that it’s still hanging there. I’d put a phgotograph here, but I still havn’t made my mind up about whether I like it or not.

The inner critic has been very busy this week. I wish she’d leave me alone. 😦


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The big adventure


Step 1 – park the car.

Step 2 – buy ticket and travel by train through underground tunnels and the spine of the city to emerge via an enormous escalator into the sunshine.

Step 3 – visit Daddy at work.

Step 4 – catch tram 4 blocks and have bacon and eggs at the Pancake Parlour.

Step 5 – walk through mall pausing briefly to admire bronze statues and make way to the 6th floor of Myer to see the Archibald Prize Exhibition which mummy has been meaning to get to and is just about to miss before it moves on.

Step 6 – HURL yourself around the exhibition threatening to bang the paintings. Roll on the floor, climb on the ottoman and LEAP off as far as you can while the ottoman (on wheels) flies back in the other direction. Repeat several times on every ottoman. Smile coyly at admiring ladies who have no idea what you were just doing around the other side of that partition. Time spent at exhibition – 7 to 10 minutes.

Step 7 – Choose chocolate as reward for being a good girl (insert frenzied and distracting companion) as promised on the train on the way in.

Step 8 – Tram and train home, apple and bed.


I think this was my favorite, although I also liked the works by Cherry Hood and Abbey McCulloch. Crikey – what am I saying – I don’t think I even spent 5 seconds looking at anything in particular.

Anyone want to babysit this time next year?

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Miss Nic!


Last Night I went with my friend Daniel to Dr Sketchy – the best and most fabulous type of life-drawing class there is. Red wine at your feet, kitchy music and a model with sass. Can’t beat it I reckon.


Things were complicated a little by a model who was restless. She enjoyed the music perhaps and jiggled and giggled which made it difficult to catch her on paper. A 5 minute pose is perfect. 30 seconds is dreadful…. I’m sorry if I was grumpy. 🙂

But she was charming and delightful, covered in tattoos, and whet my appetite enough to be looking forward already to next month’s session.

To see more sketches go to my portfolio on RedBubble!

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I’m having one of those times when life seems to throw little pointers out to you to show you the way. The path feels good, but I’m not really sure exactly where I’m going, and it can be hard to stop the internal voice that pipes up from time to time to say negative things, or provoke doubt.

Grrrr. Stop thinking so much.

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My boy got his first ever school report on Friday and it was fantastic. He enjoys school (the learning and the social aspects), and was so proud of his results that is absolutely had to be celebrated. A surprise had to be invented to reward the effort and the joy of learning.

So on Saturday, I put a blindfold on him (so terribly thrilling for a little boy), and drove into the city to take him to the Melbourne Museum.

I’ve always loved Museums. As a kid I remember going to the Hobart Museum and seeing all the stuffed animals in ‘lifelike’ dioramas. Stuffed Tasmanian Devils ripping the entrails out of a stuffed wallaby (truly awful), owls flying overhead in suspended animation. Scrimshaw on whales teeth. Dusty costumes from convict times and cabinets full of mysteries.


But they are creepy too, and a talisman such as an almighty ‘power rangers’ t-shirt wasn’t enough to protect my boy from terrifying sights such as dinosaur animation, and pickled dead things that will come up in nightmares in the future I’m sure.

I hate the power rangers t-shirt.


And it wasn’t until we were on the way home that I thought about what we had actually seen. The Museum, which I have often gone into raptures over (I love the building, the spaces and the way it is set out) – is a mausoleum really. Everything – though wonderful was dead. Beautiful, but dead. Suspended in time for all time.

The dead centre of Melbourne. Oh but it’s pretty.

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That sunny day


That sunny day, 120cm x 120cm, 2007, Oil on Linen

New work finished.   Whole day of painting ahead of me.  Can’t stop.  Too exciting!

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Last night I had the tremendous pleasure of going to the opera.

You may think it’s strange to think it was lovely to make the effort to go and see my beloved husband get stabbed offstage by another woman, but oh the music!

He was performing the role of Arturo in Lucia Di Lammermoor. An opera that is remarkable not only for it’s beautiful music, and soaring soprano arias, but for the fact that it is the only scottish opera – performed in Italian. Italians dressed up in kilts – you can’t miss that. My own dear man was dressed not in a kilt, but in velvet shorts – and an enormous hat with a feather, which made his already large head look huge. But he did look so sweet trotting around up there, and his singing – as always was superb. The production was minimal and edgy, and it was a complete, intimate success.

I heard about my husband before I met him. A friend had heard him sing at a dinner party and said he was astonishing, attractive and single – and made for me.

Hahahahaha I said.

When we bumped into him at a Jazz club some months later and she said ‘Oh – That’s him!’ I was strangely nervous. It’s weird to put a face to someone you’ve pictured. He wasn’t what I expected. He was incredibly charming, flirtatious, dark, and – well, touchy-feely. I was very firmly entrenched in my ‘personal space’ and found that quite confronting. He thought that was hilarious.

We all went out for coffee after the band had finished and he mentioned he had come back from a holiday in Bali (hence the dark, dark tan). I said “I shrivel under the sun”. He said – “We should get married, so I can save your children from the same fate – we will balance each other out”.

He was joking of course.

The first time I heard him sing, it was Nessun Dorma, and I had a sneaking suspicion I may have to marry this man for real. In full flight he is breathtaking.

I’d say go and see Lucia Di Lammermoor – but tonight is the last night, and he’ll be in the chorus for this performance. I’m afraid you’ve missed it, but lovely it was…….

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