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self-portrait wednesday


Week 2 of self-portrait Wednesday. Would love to hear of other artists joining in! Lauren http://paintersartjournal.blogspot.com/ has had a go. Let me know if you’re in too by leaving a comment.

Today I am feeling a bit sad. My Grandmother’s husband passed away suddenly, after going into hospital with heart fibrulations. It should have been a fairly routine thing apparently to regulate it again and send him home after a few days, but complications set in as they sometimes do. He was in his mid 70’s, and was still working as a builder and fix-anything person until the end. I keep thinking of all the unfinished jobs he’s left behind, the TV shows that he will never know the ending to, and the fact that he never went home to his own bed. None of which matter really, it’s just a reminder of how fragile we all are in our place in the world.

Not sure when the funeral will be yet, and my Grandmother is dealing with it all very well, which is a blessing. I’ll go and give her a big cuddle today and enjoy the sunshine and my place in the world today.

Tonight I’m going to Dr Sketchy, which is always enormous fun, and I really can’t wait for that. 🙂


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The quiet after the storm


If anyone asked me, I’d have described myself as fairly calm. Not too much really bothers me, and I manage to roll with most situations. I even managed to plan and paint this upcoming show with 4 paintings to spare (just couldn’t fit them in) with just 8 weeks notice.

The past few days unhinged me though. I’ve been tense, and nervous, clenching my jaw almost constantly, and dropping my bundle at things I wouldn’t normally. No FREE RANGE EGGS at the supermarket! Who’s RUNNING this place!!!!!!! Blah, blah, blah, BLAH.


I’m OK now though. Yesterday I loaded up the car and drove out to the Frankston Arts Centre. Several hours of shuffling and arranging paintings ensued. Much chocolate was consumed, I never even swore once (I think). Amanda (the arts convenor) helped to arrange everything so Melinda’s work and mine played nicely (not the best play buddies apparently), and now it is all hanging, complete with artist statement, titles on foam-core board

I watched TV last night, even slept well. Now it’s just the countdown to the show, and a week (I think) with no painting for me. My husband has the next week off. My son starts his very first year of school, my Dad arrives from interstate to stay with us, and I have a brand new niece to make a fuss of. Plenty to keep me occupied until Saturday. 🙂

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Roadside Blessing


Finished. She’s called Roadside Blessing.

I went through a few variations in this one and finally settled on a woman and a dog. The power poles in the distance are a play on the ‘roadside memorials’ we have in Australia in ever-increasing numbers. They always make me sad and a bit spooked as we drive in the country. I think of all the people lost and the holes they have left, the souls that are waiting, wondering what happened.

The blessing is company, the blessing is people, animals, nature, comfort, solitude, freedom. All inter-connected, all independent. I wanted her to look angelic as if any stranger you see by the road could be an angel in disguise, or as if her journey was changed by the company of a stray dog.

I’m still working on my other 2, and will be hanging the exhibition tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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unfinished business


2 full days left until I need to hang the exhibition. I need to paint the titles on the back of my works, attach screws and wires, finish the sides of a few of them, finish waxing a few, do all the labels and attach them to foam-core board. Not to mention the wrapping to ensure they get to where they need to in one piece, and what am I doing?

Painting of course. In typical style, I was thinking all my works are large, and perhaps I need a few mid-sized ones (I’m not happy with 2 of the first ones I was planning on putting in). I was exactly like this all through high-school as well. Handing in assignments at the last minute.

I actually work well under pressure, but a certain amount of physical labour needs to be done in a finite time, so I must knuckle down. Perhaps tomorrow……

2 works in progress above, begun last night. Another large one will be finished today. I’ll post it tomorrow once all the shadowing has gone in. Such an adrenalin rush!!!!

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I couldn’t resist


This is one I ‘finished’ about a month ago. I hadn’t sealed it yet because it was niggling at me. It originally had a wallpaper of goldfish swimming around – with a black wash over the top. I liked the fish – they were random and swimmy and swishy, and unfortunately not quite right. It’s so hard when you love a part of a painting and it has to go for the good of the whole.

2 days ago I went over the top with big sweeps of the palette knife – my favourite red napthol light, burnt sienna, and very, very dark brown (almost black). It’s given i heaps more depth and I’m happy to put it in the show now (if it fits). She’s waxed and happy and waiting…..

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Postcard People


I’m finally waxing my little people. They are sitting here drying gently and waiting to be buffed to a gentle shine. Quite a nice feeling, and a beautiful smell while it’s happening.

Minitaures fascinate me. I have done a few small contemporary ‘portraits’, and sold 5 last year. It’s something I will continue to explore in the future. I love how they have a still, gentle prescence that is not overwhelming, and that their size will lend itself to a small corner somewhere, like a little blessing in some way. These last 5 have been prepared lovingly for the upcoming exhibition. Not sure if they will make it into the final show. Will have to see how they hang, and as the exhibition is in an area with a lot of passing traffic, there is the possibility of theft (God forbid but you never know).

I’m considering the possibility of just having them for sale for the opening, and if there are any left, putting them on etsy to see what happens.

They are (from left to right) ‘Cashmere’, ‘I’ll do anything for you’, ‘The secret between us’, ‘I’m listening’, and ‘I’m crazy for you’.

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Self-portrait Wednesday


I thought it might be fun to start doing this every Wednesday.

Right now I am happy, excited about the upcoming exhibition, looking forward to painting this afternoon, and wearing some pants that I made for myself yesterday morning.

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