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Where it went…

I have lost a day.  My free day.  My painting day.

To a migraine.  Bugger.

Not that there wasn’t some painting done – there was, it’s just that the sweeping progress that I usually make on a day like this was more tentative.  Finishing and glazing and composing images more than laying down and adding depth.

I have lost a week.  A sunny week, a commitment free week for the most part.

To the house.

And that’s sort of OK, because it’s still clean and tidy and starring to become more of a pattern.  There have been spectacular relapses which have served to remind me how vigilant I need to be to stay on top of things.  It has been less relaxing than last week’s fresh start though, and I have been a bit frustrated about not being able to just follow my creative whims and do the adrenalin charged rush the restore order when the day is over.

I have lost a year.  A decorating year.  A year full of imaginings and plans.

I realised this morning, as I passed for the millionth time the skirting-boards and architraves in the hallway that were masked last October in the first flush of warm weather for the year with the intention of painting them white instead of the horrible rust brown stained wood that they are.  I’m pretty sure that the tape will need to be replaced before I plan to paint them.

Actually I’m certain of that…

Me – at 2 in between my gorgeous cousins.

I have gained a lot this past year.

Windows to the future, confidence, knowledge, new friendships and a year of experience.  I just don’t know where the bits in between went. 😛


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Seeing Double

My very dear friend has just had twins!  And I couldn’t be more excited.

Off to the hospital today to have a cuddle and deliver gifts of my own and generally smile, smile smile.

Welcome to the word little ones. Can’t wait to see you grow and bloom and grow into ladies. 🙂

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I was extraordinarily fortunate on Sunday.

So fortunate it’s hard to find the words for it. So:

Blah blah, community, blah blah, parents, blah blah, celebrity, blah, blah, Australian Icon, blah blah photos, blah blah, lucky, LUCKY, blah blah generosity of spirit and OH MY GOD.

Curiosity piqued?

Yes, that is MR Daddy Cool – Ross Wilson.  OMG.

Our little primary school has some talented parents, and some very good friends, and as a fundraiser a concert was organised.  But not your usual school concert, a proper grown up concert.  For grown ups.  On a Sunday afternoon.  Where we were treated to a great line up and spoiled.  SO SPOILED.  And yes, he did Eagle Rock.  I kept kicking myself.  It’s practically our alternative National Anthem….

Joe Camilleri. 🙂  Who may even go to the same supermarket as me.

Such a generous man – he gave it everything, like he was performing to thousands, not hundreds.  Reminding us all what it is to be alive and give 100%.  He has a new album out, and I’m off to buy it for sure.  This song of his is still a favourite after years and years.  I’m such a fan.  Funny to see the old film clip this morning, and by coincidence I bought an antique chinese jacket from Jane Clifton (who performs in the song) at the Camberwell market over 20 years ago.  Apparently she wore it to James Valentine‘s (from the Models) wedding.  It’s gone now.  I wish I’d held on to it.

What an AWESOME afternoon, and like I said, you should have been there…. Lucky, lucky me. 🙂

You should have been there….

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Today I went out (again) to look for shoes.

It;s been going on all week.

Tell, me people.  why is it so hard to find a pair of shoes that are pretty, without being whoreish to wear out for the evening?

I found heels.  Hundreds of them that were just too high for more than an hour of standing, let alone an hour of two of dancing.  I found platform creations with bells and whistles.  I found LOADS of strappy sandals that would give you blisters by the time you reached the party.

I must not be the only girl out there who is no longer accustomed to heels, and doesn’t want to suffer for fashion.  I know, that when ladies my age get together at a function the subject turns, at some point to shoes, and unaccustomedness.

What I wanted, was a pair of metallic (or black) wedges with a not too high rise and a round toe ideally to wear to a very dancey party that is on tomorrow night.  What I have, are a pair of completely flat sandals, which are beautiful but not ideal.  They are supremely comfortable and will certainly get a lot of wear, but I wonder, if, at this party, an inebriated party-mate will injure me with one of the plentiful stilletos on offer at stores Melbourne-wide.  I am quietly nervous now….

On a happier note, I scored this bargain.

A queen sized quilt in 100 cotton from this impossibly fabulous warehouse.  It was $115.  And having just made 2 quilts for my little ‘uns I know it would have cost me at least that for the fabric alone.

And bought these to further organise us.  Because, you know, it’s day 5 and my house is still tidy.  Whoot!

This may just be a record since having children…. 🙂

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deconstructed beauty

Paint is paint.

And it isn’t.

Paint transforms, wraps, changes our perceptions and covers what lies beneath.

I love the way paint peels and reveals the objects beneath.  I love the way an old tin, once painted, now battered speaks of its life and the stages of it.  I love the feeling of age, of love, of transformation.

It’s amazing to me, that a canvas, once painted takes on a new life, can sway emotion and becomes so much more than fibre and pigment.  Or that wood, properly prepared is so much more than fuel for the fire.

Which is why I am doing this.

And it is so exciting to me that I need to present a peek, even though it is far from finished.

I intend to make a series of small works, that are weathered, and beautiful, and speak of the wood beneath and the process of transformation.  That speak of imperfection and care, and love.  That deal with ordinary things and fragility, and human attention.

So exciting. 🙂

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Chaos Theory

Obi belt, and skirt sewn yesterday in my clean and tidy house.

And I cleaned up and put things away immediately on finishing.

I share my house with 2 whirlwinds who are as creative and easily distracted as I am.  For years now, we have been chaotically and cheerfully ricocheting around our walls dealing with the muddle and frenetically coping with life and detritus.  It was all chaos, all the time.

No longer (touch wood).

I mean it this time (she says firmly).

I have resolved, for the sake of all of us (not least my marriage) to try to maintain order (not cope with chaos) and see how that goes.

So I have been cleaning, and reorganising, and decluttering, and throwing out cushions.  Marvelling and spaces revealed and expanses of nothingness, and actually enjoying the zen remains.

The timing may be good.  One child seems to be moving past toys and deeper into creating and video games.  The other seems to be enjoying dress-ups and game-playing with sets rather than massed assemblages.  We seem to be surviving with more toys in their bedrooms and less in the living areas.

And, I have resolved to not indulge my own creativities until I can do them guilt-free after ‘business’ is taken care of.

Let’s see how it goes….

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This object is so beautiful to me.

I mitre-cut the corners of the supports.  I trimmed the ply.  I mixed the filler to even off the tiny gaps.  I clamped the corners.  I sanded the finished piece lovingly.

Next will be the priming, the preparation for a painting, and the work itself.

It is small – postcard sized, and there are actually two of them.

For the past two weeks I have just picked it up and turned it over in my hands, happy that the object was complete, and considering it as a finished object in itself. Enjoying the smoothness, the weight, the possibilities.  Thinking how nice it would be to fill a wall with lots of them.  Just as they are.

Making something like this – though it is just the first step, was as complicated as making a painting to me.  Perhaps harder, and with certainly more pressure for it to be conventionally acceptable.

But for now, it is the first step.  One of many, that are pleasurable for the journey of the process, and the satisfaction of the completion.

Lovely. 🙂

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