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La la la!


New work uploaded on to The Birds Online exhibition.  Pop over here for a closer look.


It is, my friends, 3 weeks until Christmas.

Breathe deep.

Shopping must happen sometime soon – though I have no idea when – and by trying to stick to the’let it happen’ chill-out plan – I am hoping that child-free windows will magically appear for the benefit of all.

My kids are desperately excited (me too to be honest), which is lovely in the extreme, but I am feeling – for the first time in a long time, the pressure to perform as super-event person and make it magical.  eeek.

After tossing up the pros and cons of christmas trees (we always, always have a real one), and wondering if it is perhaps more sound to purchase a (shudder) fake one for posterity – I have decided that is sits better with me to get a real one (since they are farmed), indulge in tradition and aroma and relax knowing it goes back into the earth in an environmentally friendly way.

The present fiesta is a different matter though…… It is hard enough to find the right things for the people I love, so the expensive part of it will have to be on the side of my principles.  I’ll make as much as I can – feeling good about the love that has gone into these gifts, and buy what I can’t make.

Ideas for making so far include:

Big canvas market bags (excited about this)

Restored dolls crib and quilt

Lola (charlie and lola) doll

Fantastic Four costume

Simple clothing – perhaps hats or pyjamas…..

If anyone else has any great ideas, please share them.  I have to get busy real soon.

PS: Thanks for all the sympathy re haircut. I’d tie it back but it’s too short for that, and I’ll hold on tight to my fashion-leader status and think of Anna Piaggi. 🙂


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The shock of the new….


It must be difficult being a hairdresser – trying to read people’s expectations and ideas of how they want to be.  I LOVE my hairdresser.  I really do.  She is gorgeous and friendly, has a good memory and is interesting in her own right.  But, it has been at least 6 months since I’ve been able to see her – and when I said – please make it tidy, I’m looking quite dreadful – I thought she’d neaten it up a bit.  I feel like a different person – and not in a good way today.

My fringe is impossibly short.  I think it looks a bit like I have the wrong sized wig on.

It’s OK you can laugh.  Lord knows I wish I could.  My grandmother says the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is 6 weeks – so hopefully by Christmas I’ll be looking more normal, or will be more used to myself.

Oh dear….

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self-portrait wednesday


Ever noticed how life has a way of evening out the flow….

You make some money – a bill arrives.  You should be thankful that you have the money to pay for the bill, but somewhow it just seems wrong that you can’t get that little luxury that was looking so promising.  You finish one job, get set for a breather, and the next one makes itself apparent.  Damn.

Things have been like that around here a lot lately.  Not too much room for just breathing, (or planning come to think of it), but it all seems to work out in the end.  Not knowing how I will find time to get task A completed within the next few days, by some miracle a window opens and it can be done without too much fuss.

There’s a lot to get through by the end of the year, and I’m trying not to panic, and just enjoy the social things that happen along the way (because they are just so lovely).  I still havn’t really started Christmas shopping (eek), I still havn’t started on Zara’s Christmas or birthday (not sure which yet) project which will be exciting and fun, and it looks like I will be entertaining en-masse 3 times in one week over Christmas.

Crikey I need a holiday – or a cup of tea and a nice lie down.

But back to the flow.  Little miracles happen on a regular basis, and it’s so nice to be reminded that the universe looks after us all despite the feeling of being a mouse in a wheel.  The afternoon I came back from hanging The Birds,  I went out to the backyard, and found the most beautiful, tiny little eggshell from a recently hatched bird.  Lovely present, and it made my day.  Yesterday my husband decided to take the day off work today (a surprise), so I rang my hairdresser (who I havn’t been able to make a childfree arrangement with for months), and she had an opening today at a perfect time (that never, never happens).  So today I can get my haircut whoot!

It’s all there, if we can just be patient and wait for it.


New work available here .

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The Birds

After a few hours of shuffling and climbing up and down ladders The Birds is up at Hudson.

One of the nicest things about hanging in a space like Hudson is the opportunity to cruise around looking at all the stuff. And they have STUFF…. Astonishing toys from Japan, Funky clothes and rabbits smoking cigarettes. I really do want some of those rabbits and Godzilla-like monsters. Nikki had some great Brazilian music (they are big on Brazilian music in Japan – who’d have thunk it), and a totally cute CD of kids singing M.i.s.s.i.s.s.i.p.p.i. – I think it was something about Snoopy. I could have spent big money and walked away with armfuls of stuff. I was very restrained, and thank goodness the sizing is smallish so there wasn’t much for me. Oh but it’s good in there – be warned.

Loading my car was a bit of an embarrassment – it’s hard to know how much work to bring, and one doesn’t want to look ridiculous with expectations of plastering spaces with work. Luckily it all fitted well. There are over Thirty pieces in the show: Nine small/medium works, Thirteen small box canvases, Nine framed postcard-sized works, plus assorted birds and nests.

It’s good – it’s up, it’s waiting, come on down. 🙂

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Greet the Day – Oil on Canvas – 18cm x 13cm (4cm deep box frame)

The Birds will be installed and hung this morning. To kick off the online exhibition, here is the first work available. It’s called ‘Greet the Day”, is painted with oils on a box frame canvas, and is $45 plus $10 postage anywhere in the world.  There is another image of the work here.

If you would like to purchase this first little work, please send me an email at giacobello(@)optusnet(dot)com(dot)au, and we can make arrangements.

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Game on


Thanks so much for all the encouragement (both offline and on).  I’ve been convinced that having an online component to The Birds could be a bit of an adventure, so lets go!

Monday morning I’ll be taking works down to Hudson, including the window installation, so while there won’t be an official opening of any kind, if you’d like to pop down to 229 Carlisle Street after 11.30am you can see works going up, and have first pick I suppose.  There will be small pieces, and some larger ones too – At this stage everything going on show will be under $300.

I’ll be holding some pieces back – small paintings (framed, and box canvas – all oils), little linen birds and a nest or two.  The paintings will be around $60, still unsure of the pricing of little sculptural birds and nests.   I think the only way I can manage this will be to put something up and first person to email me will be the one who gets it.  If you would like to be notified of a new listing please email me at giacobello(@)optusnet(dot)com(dot)au, and I’ll let you know.  I am thinking I’ll post a new item every two days for the course of the exhibition, but we’ll see how it goes.

Biting Fingernails as I type……. 🙂

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Obsessively red


This morning we went here and got us some Chookleaf shoes.

We tried on a few pairs, decided on red (that girl is so like her mother it’s not funny).


Chookleaf are a Melbourne brand producing leather kids shoes that are soft and flexible and just adorable for little feet.  They had some stunning leather thongs with a heel strap that made me think we should purchase, but Zara wan’t really comfortable with the between the toe thing, so we tried on these beauties and it was all systems go.  She is really enjoing wearing them this afternoon, and they look as comfortable as bare feet.

Still painting like crazy for the birds so the shopping and cake eating respite was fantastic!

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