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I’m back from Craft camp.

And what an inspiring weekend that was.

I laughed more than I have for ages.  Ate amazing food.  Shared stories.  Met old friends and new, and was amazed, at how easy it is – when you forget that you are supposed to be nervous, how wonderful people can be.

Wonderful people they were.  And hilarious.

I came prepared for a solid weekend of sewing, and realised, mid-stream that this was my opportunity to actually take it slow.  I wished I had taken some pattern books to study and pore over – to think slowly about, to be experimental with and to take more risks.  I learned more about subtraction cutting (oh my gosh, oh my gosh).  I pumped out the projects.

But mostly it was just so great to be in the company of others who get the craft thing, and appreciate it is a journey and a pleasure, and something worth experimenting with in a stylish manner.  So great to learn, and discuss and open the mind to new possibilities.  Those ladies rock.

They do.




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Sew –  I am very excited.

An escape is planned for the weekend after next at Sewjourn.  With some fabulous, fabulous ladies. And I have been thinking about it for weeks. Wondering what to make in my precious time.  Things for me?  For the kids?  Pyjamarama? Travel bags?  Shall I paint?  TTV photography?  Shall I do all of that, or nothing……

For 2 – actually more days.  Uninterrupted in the sense of unwanted distractions.

(And speaking of distractions. I have to thank you for the comments on my last blog post.  It was a bit of a raw one.  You are the loveliest people.)

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This has been a sobering year.

I have, to be honest never felt so fragile, and so hopeful and so grateful and so stretched.

Part of this is my own fault.  Assuming that the changes in my life would be changes in my life more than changes to who I am.

I am changed.

One of the things that I liked most about myself was the ability to handle so much, be thinking about the next thing while a task was midway, juggle kids and be planning dinner all at the same time.

Lately, if I leave the house looking presentable, with breakfast consumed, lunches made and school commitments met I am pretty chuffed.  There’s not much time for planning.  I bless the people who invented the Keep Cup most mornings so I can drink my lukewarm coffee on the way to work.  I have not been the most reliable of friends.

It’s not just that I’m busy with life and work and painting madly for this (which I am very, very excited by).  It’s the re-adjustment to working 5 days a week, and the complete lack of time to just gaze quietly for as long as the mood takes me at nothing in particular.

I miss quietly sewing, instead of designing and writing.  I miss being on top of all deadlines and being proactive about chasing opportunities.  I miss being able to pop into school as a class helper without it being a huge juggle.  I miss being able to bake with a little helper and share the love in those gentle moments.  I miss being able to have lunch and a laugh with mates mid-week.

And I am not invincible, which is a scary revelation to someone who thrived on adenalin.  Adrenalin these days leaves me shaken – not productive and decidedly less functional, which I cannot afford to be.

I’ll get back there I know.  And I’m looking forward to just being cruisy, having all legal paperwork over and tidy with no lawyers to speak with and thoroughly in the swing of work (and being able to leave that when I go home).  I am looking forward to enjoying the moment again without feeling like I’m dragged behind it and to not feeling guilty for the things that I would have done but havn’t.  So much guilt on a daily basis.

I am looking forward in the knowledge that I AM in such a good place in my heart and home and just waiting for the rest of me to catch up.  Someone tell her she’s running late – I miss her.

All shade is pattern – there is dark and light and the variations are beautiful, and natural and lovely.  From here I can see the sun and it’s wonderful but I’m loving the coolness of the shade and still sheltering.  Just a little.

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