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All the sewing and sewing and sewing.  But such fun!

Ghostbusters costumes for a halloween (birthday) party we went to last weekend.  Pattern was adapted from a family pyjama one with skirts added for us girls, and the proton packs were elaborately constructed from foam, toy guns, tubing and vinyl straps.  We all had a ball and the party was great fun.

On a side note I think I may get my hair cut off…


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early morning

Reading this, and marvelling again at how fascinating this man is.

Missing them when they are not with me.  But finding it easier these days.  We all are.

Falling in love with Baxter. So tender, so beautiful, so funny and clever. 🙂

Watching the rain outside my window and hoping for good weather for my little man who is going on school camp today for the first time ever.  So exciting.

He has a song all prepared….

Sewing, and sewing and sewing.  Pics to follow.

Enjoying having my first mag out in the world.

Eating lemongrass chicken and thinking obsessively of baklava from here.  Must get some soon….

And thinking in general how wonderful life is in all it’s gentle beauty when you are loved and understood.

Hope life is good where you are too.  xxx

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