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I’m not feeling guilty, but do feel adrift somewhat since the opening.  Now it’s well and truly up, and I can breathe, get the house and our lives back in order after months of (almost) neglect.

I am trying to accustom myself to an easier pace and finding it difficult.


This fell from our roof (or guttering I imagine).  Kicked off by birds doing what they do, and landed on the front step.  How wonderful!  Moss.  So I gathered it up and made a little terrarium which is engrossing in it’s tiny detail and making me happy.  A timely reminder to take it easy and let a little gather on this stone that has been rolling for what seems like the longest time.

I am swaying between languid gazing out the window and furtive activity.  I even had a spontaneous shopping expedition which was fruitful and exciting and brave.  Very proud of myself.

There has been a shedding of detritus.  Paperwork that has piled up.  Piles that need to be sorted.

There has been gathering of other things.  Happy catch ups, re-connections in real time or blog world (so out of touch with so many beautiful blogs).  Knitting together of yarn and plans and plots.

And a personal need for speed that I am (nearly) resisting.

High on the list of things making me lust for speed and langorous happy is a new book Views from a speeding train released by one of my favourite ladies (and artists) Amanda Van Gils.


Views from a speeding train (Barcelona to Monpellier), by Amanda Van Gils

Amanda is a Melbourne Artist who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing online and off for a few years now.  Last December she showed the works featured in this book at Jenny Port Gallery to rave reviews.  Seeing the works up close was a wonderful and fascinating experience.  To be looking at a speeding landscape as you stand – still and quiet in your own space – brings peace and movement at the same time.  Exactly how I’d describe my present state of being.


Views from a speeding train (Barcelona to Nice), by Amanda Van Gils

When she made a calendar of the work available I bought it straight away and it’s been making me happy on a daily basis ever since.

I think it’s fantastic how as artists we are able to self-publish and make work available to people who may not otherwise be able to afford a larger painting, or who would like to sit with it in their own home for a time and get acquainted with a new style or body of work before making the decision to invest.

How lovely to be able to gather moss and speed at the same time. 😉


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Something funny has been going on around here lately.

I just can’t seem to get the clocks working.  There have been three of them in the same place in the house that keep going awry.  Slowing down.  I finally returned one to the shop today and hope it will return fixed and happy.

And no amount of new batteries seem to make a difference

The clock in the bathroom started doing the same thing.

And then it broke.

And then the battery in my watch went.  And I started using one that was on standby (a fake).  It slipped out of my hands on the first day and smashed on the floor.  Broken.

I wonder what it all means……

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Well we opened!

And while I took my camera there was  not really the opportunity to take many shots.  I whizzed around as soon as we walked in to get a rough image of where everything was.  There are a few paintings that I missed, but on the whole you will get the picture. (And that’s not me in the photos by the way).

Gallery 775 is a lovely intimate space.  Michelle Calnin (the director) aims to make it feel like a home.  The intention being that it is easier to imagine a piece hanging in your own home if the environment you first see it in is warm and comfortable too.  A really nice idea I think.  There is plenty of rough wood around – a kitchen with a huge wooden bench (how they got it through the door I’ll never know), a sofa, books and little alcoves to wander around.

Michelle took her time in arranging the exhibition, and I was really pleased with the way it looked.  It was such a nice surprise to walk through the door and see all the work up and feel relaxed and happy and ready to meet people.

And they came.  About 60 or 70 I think over the course of the afternoon.  Friends, and family.  Collectors I had never met. New people who were interested in the work.  The group spilled out into the grassy square – with kids leaping around, and people gathering in the coffee shop next door  and coming and going.  Very relaxed and happy and gorgeous.

And there were dots.  Red dots, which is always a very lovely thing. 🙂

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I have.


I have;

Some new glasses. With no scratches and a slightly different prescription which makes me feel taller, and some things appear weirdly convex.  Still not sure I like them.  They are rather large….

Brunched with these lovely ladies. And been inspired and delighted.

Been to an art show.

Delivered a show’s worth of paintings (38 in assorted sizes at final tally) to Gallery 775, and had my pre-show anxiety of the last few weeks firmly chased off by a dear friend.

Shopped for fabric to make my daughter a new pair of jeans.

Bought a new dress.  That never happens. And I love it – Deep indigo.

Put on some weight by eating a bit too much comfort food.  And resolved to exercise more and vegetarian much more often. My daughter says I look like a Bratz girl Mummy (a bizarre compliment).  I sincerely hope not.

Breathed out.  In what feels like the longest time.  The sun is shining. 3 sleeps till the opening!  I can’t wait.

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Work in progress – detail

Not long to go now until Drift…would. opens.

Not long to go until I deliver my precious cargo to the capable hands of the gallery and start chewing my fingernails. 4 days in fact.

The last week has been spent (combined with juggling kids home on holidays) in painting the edges, touching up paintings, counting, recounting, measuring and arranging and swinging wildly between feelings of satisfaction at producing a large and interesting body of work, and feeling freaked out that there may not be – despite months and months of solid work, enough to go around.  And there will be no way of knowing, until it is hanging how it will look.

It’s a bit scary all this.

Tomorrow I’ll be banging in screws, threading wires and labelling.  Glamorous stuff.  Cards have been ordered (I hope they are ready on time).  I need a haircut, which probably wont happen, and I am, bizarrely considering the extended adrenalin rush I have been on, missing being so busy already.

I’m a teeny bit flat, and nervous and edgy.  Isn’t that strange.

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The softness of proteas, oil on linen, 90cm x 90cm

It’s all go here.  Softly, softly all go.  Still working when I can.  Juggling kids home from holidays.  Arranging new business cards (I so hope they get here on time), and unwinding.

The unwinding is the most radical thing of all at the moment.  I do feel like a spring that is slowly uncoiling.  A nice feeling, which should leave me respectable for the opening, but I am hoping I get more done before I am completely uncoiled.


We have been making Easter Buns from Karen Martini’s recipe in last Sunday’s Sunday Life (The Age) Magazine, which has again, changed my life I think.  Last year I tried a few recipes for Easter buns and didn’t find a good one.  This one is superb. And has a piece of chocolate  hidden in the middle – so when heated it oozes and and is so decadent and marvellous.  Mmmmm.

Go make them today, I dare you.

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Peace is where you find it.  Oil on linen, 100cm x 120cm

I feel like I have been running at top speed for months.  So the slow down is intensely enjoyable and unexpectedly good for an adrenalin junkie like me.  There are less than 3 weeks to go until this:


Consider yourself invited. 🙂

At this late stage I am working on some larger pieces to tie the whole exhibition together, so there will be a few more to come.  I’m updating my website with all the pieces in the show, trying not to bite my fingernails, and getting the word out to collectors and friends who may like to come and see the body of work.

It’s quite exciting!

And it’s raining.  Bliss……

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