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After all my anxiety about finding a new home – a place for my children to feel safe and comfortable, a place that was not too far from our old home, that was affordable and cosy and – well – home, we moved.  We moved rather suddenly, without an awful lot of time to weigh up what could be rented, where and how suitable it might be.  Things were thrown into boxes and loaded onto trucks and we up and shifted.

To a place where the sound of traffic rushing by is a constant companion (almost).  To a place where the traffic lights made the bedroom light in the evening.  To a place which is impossibly different from my other – which still sits where it was and is still inhabited.  A place that was immediately welcoming and full of good energy.

To a place which is visited by the loveliest of magpie companions.  To a place which is so eccentric it has become endearing in such a short space of time.  To a place with no lights in the centre of the ceilings – which is odd, but surprisingly nice.  To a place with an outside garage which has proved to be the most stimulating of studios – despite the spiders and dark corners.  To a place where you have to beat the snails to the letters – by the end of the day you could stick your finger through the holes that have been eaten (too funny).

After spending a few weeks unpacking, pottering, discovering what needs replacing and generally feeling out the space we discovered this.

A wall FULL of heights.  How marvellous!  They date back to the 50s, with heart warming comments such as “Greg – wearing heels – 1981”.  A delightful reminder that this has been a place of joy for a lots of people who have called it home.  Families that have come and gone – in particular one family which seems to have stayed for a long, long time, which is a wonderful feeling.  I can imagine family celebrations at a long table outside, everyone noisy and enjoying the warmth.  I can imagine standing under the patio watching the rain and feeling safe and sheltered with a mug of hot chocolate and good company.

This is a happy house.  A calm amongst the storm that rushes by.  It’s making us happy, and feeding us with its positive energy.  It’s nutty, but I really like it.

It’s home.

For now anyway…


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I have a hundred excuses for not posting lately.

Forgive me.

I have moved house, had no internet access (still don’t), have started a new job which is engrossing and inspiring and am deep in the middle of life adjustments.  All good but lordy……

The house I will blog another day.  It’s eccentricities are many and varied and the adjustments have been extraordinary.

The job, is proving to be absorbent. I am surfacing at the end of the days, but the days are full and lead me down endless rabbit-holes.  I am having a lot of fun, learning a lot, and blogging about that here at readthread.  Join me over there and add me to your blogroll.  I get to craft all day.  Too fun…

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