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Patchwork with the kids is a lot of fun.  Last year – for the birth of a special family baby we made a quilt – the kids came to help choose the fabric, then I cut it all into squares and we took turns piecing it on the floor.  It turned out beautifully and was a special family gift they were so proud of.  I just wish I’d taken a photo….

My girl is such a gift.  So funny and creative and helpful, and I feel that this year – she has had the short end of the stick a bit.  All those creative things we used to do just don’t seem to happen now she is at school and I am at work.  So when she was invited to a cupcake making party last weekend we spent the morning raiding the scrap bag and found some of the leftover squares of patchwork, added to them with some choices of her own and made an apron.

Pardon the mess – we were too busy to clean up.

4 squares made the top, 16 the bottom and the ties were all made from some binding I had floating around from an earlier project.  The reverse of the patchwork is an old pillowcase that ripped a few weeks ago (the cotton was too beautiful and soft to just throw).

She loves it – and loved that she helped make it even more.  And the cupcake party was fun I am told.


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