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soul full


Soul full, oil on linen, 51 x 102

She was skipping.  Well not actually skipping. she was hurling the rope around with the biggest grin on her face.  Thrashing it backwards and forwards.  Hitting the ground with the length of skipping rope.

The joy.  The rapture.  For both of us.


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Twelve seconds of bliss, oil on linen, 77cm x 120cm


The quiet conversation, oil on linen, 61cm x 61cm

I have been so quiet lately.  No blogging about family, or thoughts.  My head is full, spilling over.  Working night and day and having a ball, but almost ready to go out for a long, long lunch.  In the meantime, the shadows have provided meditation and respite.  I could watch them forever….

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Purls of wisdom


Purls of wisdom, 92cm x 92 cm, oil on linen,

I like knitting.  And it’s ironic that so close to the show (when I really need to be relaxing) the closest I can get to it is by painting it.  Is that sad?  Kind of.  But funny too.

Knitting for me, is a form of meditation.  A mindless casting of yarn around needles that move quickly, and allow my mind to disengage from the present and wander. Dream and plan and explore. Watching the fabric grow as stitch is built into stitch I am reminded again how everything we do is a continuation of the pattern of life.

I find the repetition, and the fact that it is a uniquely human experience comforting.  I find the fact that a knitted garment retains some of the energy of the maker thrilling and special.  And I do love the special feeling one gets in wearing a hand-made garment with as much work as a knit.

After finishing this work, I stepped back, went for a walk, and came back to it wondering if she looks a little downcast?  That is not my intention.  I wanted to capture a wistfulness and that moment when you stop at the end of a row to examine the recent work and feel some sense of achievement.  I may  need to go back into it and make more of a smile play around her lips.

So I’m wondering, what do you think?

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Tea Party


61cm x 52cm, oil on linen

The second in the Alice series heading to Canterbury.

I’m loving painting this series.  Nice to do something so literal and illustrative for a change. 🙂

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you are not who you will be. 33cm x 33cm, oil on board

My husband asked me the other day, why I paint legs, feet and shoes endlessly.

There are a million reasons, including the way they often give away a person in terms of body language, in the type of shoe chosen, how it is maintained, and lightness of step.


stepping out. 33cm x 33cm, oil on board

They are purely functional things after all, shoes – but feet are expressive in unintentional ways, and if you have ever noticed babies, wriggling their toes, pointing to people of interest, and arching them backwards when they get excited you will know what I mean when I say they are a mirror to the soul.

They carry us through life.  They can make us miserable and betray us.  They help us dance and move about.  And they ground us -literally and spiritually.  When it’s time to rest, it is often your feet that will let you know first.

And then there is the shadow that is a beautiful and often overlooked extension of ourselves

It’s an intriguing thing to me, casting my eyes down….

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Too small


The first of the ‘Alice’ paintings(yet to be titled), destined for Canterbury. 90ish cm square, oil on linen.

Thanks for all your kind words and suggestions re headaches.  It is starting to ease off after almost a week now.  If it was anyone else complaining I would say ‘offf to the doctor’, but I know it’s connected to a virus in my case.  Hot and cold, sneezy, tickly throat.  erk and yuck and please go away now I’ve had enough.

Whinge over.  Thanks for listening. 🙂

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reading into it


me today – posing for a reference photo.

My studio is overflowing.  My head is overflowing, my life is overflowing.

There have been a few of these.


The box that held all their dreams. oil on linen 62x 90cm, 2009

And a few works that are taking significantly longer on an Alice in Wonderland theme for the upcoming Canterbury Art Show.  There will be some photos of those next week…

I am swimming in paint and ideas, and sketches and photos and feeling like I am making progress at last.


I have had, though, a persistent low-grade migraine for the past few days that just will not budge, and I suspect it might be paint-related.  eeek….. So I get the night off to watch TV and knit – it’s been a while since I’ve been able to do that guilt-free! And hopefully with a little break I can bounce back and be more productive.

Because I need to be productive – there’s less than 6 weeks to opening.

Oh dear, I need to lie down.

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