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self-portrait wednesday

With the exception of family duties, my recent linen-lust inspired painting frenzy is only broken by one thing at the moment – Alphabet hunting.

I’ve joined a fun ‘Alphabet Competition’ group on Flickr that is uploading alphabet photos. I have interpreted the subject in the most literal way imaginable – by scouring the city for great letters. Others have been doing all sorts of magical things inspired by the letter of the day – architecture for example. I’ll probably get the wooden spoon, but I really love the shapes of letters in any case. As a kid I used to practice doing fancy ones, I have several books about monograms and special alphabets, and it’s one of the things that drove me as a graphic designer. Who doesn’t love a good font every so often.

This morning, we went out for a stroll and I found a few more on my list. Exciting for me and Mr 5 – perhaps not for you…..


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The Decorator


Just finished a big, big painting.

Now I can go have some chocolate. Hahahahaha.

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This is the second idea for a series I have at the moment. Notes around the way people can be animalistic in their interactions with others. Anthropomorphism is actually the way we embue the inanimate with personality or feelings, or attribute human feelings and personality to animals. It’s ‘making things human’. I’m considering the way we slide sometimes into instinctive, and not very attractive behaviour.

This work is titled Anthropomorphie I. It’s canvas – and perhaps the last work I’ll do on canvas for a while at least – so I’m not sure if it will fit into a complete series or just be a bounce-off point.

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Number II in my as-yet-unnamed series.

Still loving the linen and all that it does for the texture and serendipity of paint coverage in this series. I’m enjoying overlaying different colours and scaping back to cover and reveal. So thrilling.

In fact I got so excited yesterday that I made good headway on the next in line, started a bigger-than-usual one, and another small tiny one. I was late starting dinner, the house was a mess, and my lovely husband came home a little earlier than usual. Ah well. All in the name of art – it’s worth it – isn’t it?

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The theme for IllustrationFriday this week is communication. I started drawing telephones, and people having intimate conversations, and then thought – actually, for the most part, there’s a hell of a lot of us, communicating very intimately, but impersonally via the computer.

I love my mac – and all that it brings into my life – the rich world of the internet and bloggers that let me into their world, and the funny fact that there are people out there who may know more about me than some of my family members. I suppose – for me – at this point in my life – communcation often comes very quietly through a screen….

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new series


With one painting completed, another 2 well underway and a few more sketched and ready to go, it strikes me that I’m into another series. These works are a departure from the geisha girls. I’ll have to think of a title for the new series. Things are buzzing around in my head – but nothing that clicks just yet. The intention behind this grouping is quite different, the execution is a different process from the geishas and certainly from the paper dolls, and the end product looks different as well – being on linen. They are more textured, and grainier, and freer as well.

I should get this one finished today with any luck. It’s a nice feeling, to be working quickly and feeling so inspired and satisfied with the results.

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Summer in the City


New work – titled ‘Summmer in the City’.

I can’t express how much in love I am with the process of stretching and painting on my own Linen canvases. I’m sure it’s becoming quite boring to hear about – but it’s just so rewarding, and the surface is amazing to paint on as well. There is so much more tooth with linen, and it dries faster – which is actually a bit of a bother in this hot weather we are having at the moment, but I’m getting used to it fast.

So I went to the art shop this morning, and bought a whole heap more stretcher bars and linen. So exciting. I just want to throw away all my other canvases and start afresh. I’ll have to shift them all out to the garage I think to distract myself from destroying them. 🙂

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