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Playtime, 2008, oil on wood.

A teeny, tiny work available over here.


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The unexpected arrival


On Friday night, Manyung held a public opening to their December Groups exhibition, featuring the very  talented Daniel Sanger.

What a beautiful show!  Daniel’s work shone amongst a very diverse group of artists, and it was a thrill to see a red dot on ‘Unexpected arrival’ straight off.  What a lovely way to start.  I’m sorry you’ve missed out on that one, but there are another 6 on offer, that are equally as vibrant and mysterious, and I suspect it’s all upwards from here.

The show runs until 4th January, and it’s so worth a look! 🙂

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Backtack4 is on it’s way to my buddy. 🙂

It’s been lots of fun to be part of Backtack, but a bit nervewracking to be honest.  Making, collating and preparing a present to send to someone I don’t really know and will probably never meet is a strange experience.  Nice though too.  It feels really good to carefully prepare something and send it off.  Like making space in your life to let fresh air in.

Hope she likes it!

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Yo ho ho!


I wish I could give my kids an aerial treehouse, but it’s not going to happen in our backyard.  Our only really established tree is a fig, which is too soft to bear construction or traffic, so this is the next best thing I think.

We like pirates in our house.  Nice ones of course.  That have afternoon tea and catch fish and talk funny and are rough sometimes but smiling on the other side of their faces. Pirates that go on journeys with a sandwich in hand, and make treasure maps, and look out of binoculars made from two toilet rolls held together with a rubber bands.

So I made a pirate ship.


The base is made from a pallet (found by the side of the road). The palette is covered by some marine grade ply which is screwed down to prevent splinters, and rusty nails.

There is a mast at the front, with a decorative filial at the top.  The inside edge of the mast has two hooks for the pirate flag to hang.


Zara drew the face on, paying careful attention to the teeth.

The cross bar (I have no idea what it’s properly called) is fixed with a nut and bolt, so that the temptation to pull at the sail or bar will hopefully make it fold down rather than break the whole mast, which is sturdy, but not heavy in case of falling on a little head.

It has two small hooks to attach the sail.


There’s an old box on the back to store treasure, maps or provisions (sometimes it’s good to be a hoarder).


A flowerpot anchor, fixed with rope to the deck.  I would love to have made a better looking anchor, but I’m a bit worried an excitable child will cause a injury to self or others swinging something heavier around.


And a steering wheel (which will be replaced when something suitable is found).

So we’re ready for adventure.  Plans have already been made by little minds for pirate and mermaid costumes, paper sea creatures, treasure chests and fishing rods.  All good, clean, outdoor fun.

So fun!

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Nestle and bustle


Nestle – new small painting.  Available over at Painting Small.

Busy week coming up for me.  Dr Sketchy midweek, my friend Daniel Sanger‘s opening at Manyung on Friday night, the gathering and posting of my Backtack parcel for Tatjana, and a 4 year old tea-party birthday to plan for this weekend.

I’m dizzy just thinking about it, so excuse me if I’m a little vacant this week. 😛

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Flickr, is a joy to me.  And a fairly recent indulgence in internet terms. Years ago I scooted in and out admiring, bookmarking, flitting around the edges.  After tentatively dipping in, I got progressively more addicted.  Joined some groups, enjoying the ride, branching out, being inspired, gathering contacts to share images with.

It’s fun.

One of the groups I’m a member of is s-t-i-l-l, and a recent challenge has been to focus on the body as a still life object.  What fun.  How terrifying.

I suppose I am a vain person, in that it matters to me how my image is presented.  I wouldn’t like you to see me first thing on a Saturday morning with the back of my head messed up, in my pyjamas, dashing out to pick up the paper.  My imperfections bother me enough to never let me completely let loose and trust the visual consequences.

Some days I genuinely don’t care, or run out of time to tidy myself up after a messy day in the studio by school pickup time.  I regret it afterwards, and miss the days when I walked out of the house neat and arranged for a day at work in the city.  Dressing neat casual for the daily rounds. Having the opportunity to dress like a lady.

I’m not keen on photos of myself, and am usually the one behind the camera rather than posing for it.  Which is why the past week has been challenging and surprisingly satisfying.

In approaching a body of work like this (because it is ultimately a collection – albeit one for my own enjoyment), I like to weave a thread that will draw it together.  One of the things that bothers me most about myself is my hands.  They are immensely practical appendages that suffer a great deal of abuse during the day – with endless washing and wear, and not enough restorative creams to repair and protect.  They are broad and stumpy.  Capable hands.  They are not elegant butterflies.

I’m my own worst enemy.  So I’m focusing on them, in an attempt to try to appreciate them more, and the results are surprising to me.

Taking photographs of oneself can be surprisingly liberating, and frightening too – I’ve discovered new things to get freaked out about, and have resolved never to be photographed in profile if at all possible, or perhaps that’s what I should work on next….

To see the entire collective body of work (in progress) skip on over to s-t-i-l-l. 🙂

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in which I gush


Yesterday, my son asked me ‘apart from people, what’s your favourite thing in the world?’

What an awesome question.

I thought about it, and finally replied – ‘being able to see colours‘.

The answer came fairly easily after a visit to this studio yesterday.

Colour feeds, and nourishes, it makes my heart skip and soar.  It makes me tranquil, in the fact the lack of colour can be a restful experience in itself after too much immersion in the headiness of a colour deluge.  It moves me so much.  When I need to recharge, I find I am drawn to white.  When I need cocooning I am drawn to black – as if to absorb the energy around me.  When I am ready to give I wear something bright and a ready smile.


I bought two things.  Two very special things.  Two garments that are flexible, and nourishing.  Beautifully made, and an investment for body and spirit.

My collection, from this designer is growing slowly.  I’d like to be able to say it is satisfied, but after playing with the possibilities of the dress/skirt/poncho (above), I am having trouble shaking the craving for one in deep brown, or indigo (which they don’t do).  I may have to put in a special request….

Fibre Red is having a studio sale today and tomorrow in Melbourne.  There are bargains, and it is special.  The walls are filled with spools  of the most magnificent hues of merino wool.  There are racks of gorgeousness.  There is Kim, who is charming and helpful, and very talented about what will work on your body, and there is a very long, long, long thread, that winds up fleets of stairs from the street to your destination – a lovely little journey in itself.

Happy now. 🙂

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