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Red thread

Knit.  Knit.  Knit.

Red, red, red.  Eeeeee!

When I was an infant I had a red jumper.  Made by my Marnie (Dad’s Mum), I imagine.  A photo of my brother, my Dad and me – in a red jumper – sat on her mantlepiece for my entire childhood.  We had a copy at our house too, and it was such a happy shot.  I loved the brightness of that red.

I was probably 12 when another red jumper arrived.  Polo-necked and scratchy.  I loathed it.  it itched.  It drove me crazy, and I was grateful for the growing that meant I could leave it behind.  I felt quite betrayed by that red jumper.  It brought up powerful feelings when I wore it.

Red is a potent colour for me.  Nurturing.  Strong and soft at the same time.  Deep.  I love the way a good red absorbs light, shows highlights that vary from blue, to gold and everything in between.

Which is why, in the wool shop, I was drawn to this red.  It is beyond bright.  Almost orange and very clear.  I held a ball in my hand, under a spell, wandering around and looking for a simple, simple pattern that would let the colour vibrate on its own – with no fussiness or competition.  Something that would make me feel happy even when it’s folded in a drawer and not on my back.  Something that will feed me.

And as I knit, knit, knit I am being fed. Miraculous thing this knitting.  Pure meditation… 🙂


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Leap!, 30cm x 30cm, oil on wood.  2010.

I am struggling to cruise in my new studio – magnificent as it is.  It’s as if I don’t quite know where my arms and legs are.  Nothing is quite in the ‘right place’.  The light is much stronger.  The ambient noise much louder.  I can’t find anything easily.  Frustrating to be honest when the urge to paint comes strongly and is diluted with distractions… and I am so easily distracted it seems.

But today, I’m in it again, and each day spent there makes it more mine.  Off to pump up the music and see what happens. 🙂

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seeing Ron

Ron Mueck, is showing at the National Gallery of Victoria until mid April, so there’s plenty of time to get there if you are in Melbourne and havn’t seen it yet.

It is an amazing show.

Mueck works in a hyper-realistic style that is at once disquieting and familiar.  He plays with scale – enormous newborn vs tiny old ladies.  This is, apparently the largest body of his work ever presented in one show.  And, while sparse, I’m not sure the pieces could inhabit a smaller space and breathe happily together.

Each one (some dwarfed, some gigantic) holds such perfect, astonishing detail that I found myself studying the placement of stubble.  Looking at the variations between coarse and fine leg hairs – and wondering how each hair was crafted, and noticing the amazing detail in costume in some.  How perfectly the fabric sat, how delicate the stocking folds were around the ankles of the old ladies, how luminous the skin was.

This ‘mask’ was enormous.  As was the fellow in the chair…

Really worth a look if you can get there – and travelling to QLD and New Zealand soon after.

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It’s only on reflection that one realises, all hardships bring rewards of some kind or other.  Usually in terms of personal growth or appreciation for what is strong and true in relationships (current or future).

Even grumpy shop assistants teach me lessons of acceptance, joy, or the value of a smile.  I love some of those reminders.

Times have been trying.  And the clocks have still been awry.  For over a year. Isn’t that peculiar.  Clocks moved, batteries changed.  New timepieces bought, gone awry.  Time to move forward really.

So I’m moving forward with all sorts of things, and celebrating that with something spectacular.

Which reminds me that time is precious and that the beauty in the minutes should be savoured.

Though to be honest, I’m getting almost as much pleasure from the buckle. 😉

Happy me. 🙂

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