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Domestic landscapes


Still life with oranges – in progress 

I’ve never been a huge fan of the still life genre.  Living subjects are more interesting to me, but after a conversation recently, I’ve decided to explore it a bit further and see where it takes me.

Still life, can be a static exploration of light, shade and colour.  Still life can capture a reflective moment through the artist’s eye.  Still life can be lifeless in its realism, or breathe and vibrate with whimsical vibration or tension.

Still life can be interesting. And it’s part of everyday living.

It has always amazed me that paintings of domestic arrangements make it to walls, often behind breathing, three dimensional arrangements.  It didn’t really make much sense to me.  But there is, I suppose, nothing confrontational in most still life arrangements.  No eyes challenging you, or social judgements to be made – Just the knowledge that we all have the same humble needs of food, shelter, care.  Comfort.

We all share those basic needs.  And to dismiss still life as a genre is perhaps irresponsible, selfish and narrow-minded of me.

In any case, I’m doing one with the view to exhibiting it at the Mt Eliza Art show in late October.   Underpainting, done.  1st layer of colour, done.  Anxiety… still present.  But that’s OK.


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Playing with Fire


Playing with Fire – oil on Linen, 2007

Finished this work yesterday. I loved how the initial layers went down – all free and dynamic – big soft brushstrokes, but it obviously needed more depth of colour. On working into it I was worried I had lost some of that freshness. I think there is a certain tension there now, which may not be a bad thing.

It’s finished at any rate, and I was planning on sending it to the Mt Eliza show that is on next month, but the size may make that an issue – it’s not very wide, but it’s 120cm tall, which puts it into the next size category. I’ve decided to hold it back for Momentum, so it will sit with others in the same series. Much more sensible.

In other news:


Here’s me on page 59 of the October isssue of Australian Artist magazine. Hurrah! This work was sold some months back, and I wish I knew who bought it – I’d love them to have a copy of the magazine with their work in it. 🙂

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Dr Sketchy last night with Miss Danie Devine. Great model. Fun night.


Some nights it’s a real struggle to get anything done that works, other nights it feels difficult, but in restrospect it worked.

I always go home tired and happy. I love it.


Ohhhhhh it’s creeping up………………. and definately gathering Momentum.

If you’d like to be invited, leave me a comment, and I’ll send you the details.

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It’s amazing isn’t it, how fickle we are in cyberspace.  When I first got my hands on the internet, the place that kept me coming back for more (when I should have been working) was this fabulous chick – who I’ve rediscovered 10 years later via the magnificent domestic minx ;).

Whilst greedily trawling Al’s blog, I found a link to Helle, and swooning with desire, begged her to make me a coral piece to add to my own signature neckpiece.  I love it, I’m in raptures (that’s it above).  It’s made from tapestry wool, crocheted, felted, and divine. Wearable art indeed.

When needing inspiration I trawl Flickr, and soak in colour.  This photographer is a fave.

I crave all things french, and it’s uncanny how I’m always drawn to antiques, fabrics, photos that are french (particularly french provincial.  It’s my dream to one day retire to a truffle farm in provence with huge ornate doors, and lavendar hedges in the garden.  Take the pigs for a walk hunting truffles, eat sun-ripened, still-warm-from-the-vine tomatoes on fresh bread, from antique plates snapped up at a flea market…   This glorious blog is a weekly feast.

I’m greedy with the blogs I love – checking them daily,  easily distracted, going back again later in the day, or not for a week, a month (for no reason), tripping over them again and wondering why I stopped going when it’s obviously so fabulous.  Trouble is, most of it is just so fabulous.  One could spend all day just trawling…….

Trawling…… trawling…………

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Daniel and I met with a photographer from the local paper yesterday afternoon.  Step 1 in hopefully getting an article in about our show Momentum.

It’s always nerve-wracking doing this kind of thing.  Showing the work.. even turning up.  I brought 2 pieces – one has been out in the world, gets great comments, but mysteriously still hasn’t sold.  The other – Feeling Sheepish, was out for the first time, and still doesn’t have the sides of the frame finished.

The people at Loco seemed to like my work, thought it’s hard to tell.  There was attention from passers-by.  We’ll see how it goes.

The photo shoot went well I think – we saw one photo which looked interesting, but I forgot to check if I had a double-chin or anything else that will preclude my waving it around proudly.  It may not even make the paper, so no point stressing about it at this point.  It’s done in any case.

I laid out a whole heap of work that I have in my studio, trying to see how it will all fit together.  Seeing what can carry through to the Momentum show, seeing what I will bury.  I’m resolved to just gunning it – working nights as well as days to get a larger body of work up.  I’m tossing up trying acrylic again – the oils are beautiful but oh – so-slow…..  I need paint, I need canvas, I need more money for both than I have, and it’s always such a gamble….

Breathe deep and keep climbing……

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School Holiday bedlam

School Holidays……. Fun, cuddles, laughing, bedlam, tantrums, mess, activity, socialising, inspiration, no free time for me….

My son and I are having a special day with just the two of us, off to see a film, and traipse around while Miss Z whoops it up at creche. Lovely and needed, and he’s sooo excited.

Trying not to panic, and just enjoy the gorgeous, precious moments that come all day.

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Mermaid – progression

2nd day’s painting…

Ok – I’m off to enjoy some sunshine.  Hope you are too. 🙂

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