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Wednesday morning – as I see it.

I am today, distracted, and procrastinating.

There is work to be done – on the website for my husband’s shop, and I need to do it today. *sigh*.

Why is it – that a job that remains undone for a while seems to get bigger the longer you leave it.  Why is it, that what should be a pleasure and a privilege, instead becomes a hurdle of ever-increasing proportions.

Instead of doing what I should be doing, I am frolicking. FROLICKING through this:

Canterbury Art Show

I love this art show.  It’s my second year there, and I was completely blown away last time by the talent and work there.  It’s fantastic that it pops up and is gone in a few days, and the online component is quite exciting to view and be a part of.  Over the course of the weekend, works that are sold are noted on the online catalogue and it is quite a thrill to pop by in the evening and see that something has gone – or is still there.

And they do online tours – breaking works up into smaller categories.  It’s beautifully done.  If you can make it – pop by the show.  It’s beautiful.  If not, have a look through the works online, and imagine them in your space.  I do – I’ve bought 10 in my head already. 🙂


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My little one is a bit under the weather at the moment, plus it’s so suddenly cold outside, we can’t just go to the park or walk about for a break in routine.

The only answer is sock puppets.

I hate throwing the kids socks out.  Their little feet speak on their own when they are babies, and as they change their feet show the first signs.  I love how babies twist and turn their feet and stretch their toes out towards things they are interested in.  I love how the squishiness disappears when they start to walk.  I love how, when they become very confident on their feet and start to run and jump, how they become all muscly and strong, and feel a twinge of regret in the knowledge that their babyhood has gone…

And as they grow, the socks, that held that littleness, kept them warm and carried them on as left behind.

I have a collection of socks.

Some are holding lavender from the garden.  Tucked into drawers and shelves to pop out and surprise and remind.  Some are just bundled in drawers – long outgrown, but still precious.

And some, have decided to become sock puppets.  As you do. 🙂

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First there was this

then there was this…

and then there was this, because I was going a little bit crazy with small amounts of learning and testing, and I just wanted to make huge swings with the knitting machine and pump out some yardage of fabric.

THAT was fun.  Watching it all just pour out was fun, though my arms were tired afterwards – and I can see how it can be a good workout in its own funny way.  It is really quite fun to be on the threshold of such a strange and technical ‘craft’, and I am quite thrilled by the idea of knowing it so well I can push the boundaries and get creative with it.

I made a baby blanket for Zara’s doll – the yarn is horrible.  HORRIBLE – shiny and weird and sparkly, but ideal for a test, and while the results were not spectacular, it was extremely encouraging and inspiring, and having gotten that out of my system, I am ready to go back into some more gradual learning and take a few more baby steps, and do some experimenting with some beautiful yarn – which I am still to buy……  We are tactile in the Giacobello household and all prefer natural fibres.  There is something brittle about synthetics that just doesn’t feel right to any of us.

And on the weekend….

THIS, finally came off the (hand) needles.  Fourth time lucky – how embarrassing is that, and beautifully warm.  Knitting something in the round, from the neck down was pretty fun, and I have started another cardigan based on the pattern in a beautiful soft slightly variegated yarn, which is so far a pleasure.

so far…… 😉

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It seems to be a week of tidying ends up.

The stainless steel skirt is finally finished.  I thought it was finished, and indeed wore it for a week before reconsidering and embellishing.  It now sports a flap that was rescued from an old backpack many years ago and has been waiting for a suitable host.

It now features – though nobody will ever really notice I suppose, rickrack on the lining to cover the hemline that I wasn’t really happy with (decorative though it was)…

It is now ready to be partnered with the obi that was sourced from Kazari during the week – instead of the one I had planned to fashion myself.  I will still fashion one myself, but it is magnificent to be wearing an antique ‘real-deal’ child’s one, and to feel the weight and shape of it before making one myself.

This stainless steel fabric is just delightful, and another skirt will be attempted – slightly longer with a panel at the hem, when I have some time later in the week.  Kirsten did a great job with hers – check out the bustle detail.  Superb. 🙂

I’m off to finish a jumper…..

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Happy Days

Happy Days – oil on linen. Finally finished!

Close up of the dangling peg-dolly.

Detail of the legs.

I am so happy with this painting. It’s taken me a few weeks – and I have walked past it over and over spotting areas to work on, and changing my mind about background colours. It feels happy to me, and girly and strong, and I imagine them sitting up there – whispering to each other, and smiling broadly.

It’s going into the Canterbury Art Show next weekend if you happen to be in Melbourne and would like to see it in person.

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine! 🙂

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Time out

I don’t know how it started, but I have become – like so many people, preoccupied with time.  The time it takes to do certain things… time wasted… time saved… time slipping by…..

I’m over it.

I hope.

Sitting down for lunch mid-painting yesterday I turned on Oprah (I never do that).  I mean, I don’t sit down for lunch when I’m on my own, and I certainly don’t sit down in front of the TV to do it, and it was one of those shows where you just go – POP.  Message meant for me.

The book was called “A New Earth“. And some of the things that were being discussed just rang bells for me big time.

I know who I am.  I’m comfortable with my journey and the way I am travelling and presenting myself, but one thing that I struggle with is being fully present in the moment.  I spend, so much of my day with one eye on the clock, racing from one thing to the next, and not stopping to enjoy the feeling of a peg in my hand as it opens, and closes in a perfect motion to successfully hold freshly washed fabric on the line.  Taking that moment and appreciating it for what it is, is, I believe, at the core of happiness, and while I am joyful in nature and experience, I have too much self-imposed stress.

And it is completely self-imposed.

Perhaps you are like me – rush, rush, rushing, so that you can fully enjoy a quiet moment when it comes along, and perhaps, like me, that never really happens, or the rushing becomes such a habit that you use that time to do something else that must be done.  And still the list of things to be done grows.

I have ordered the book, and I hope, when it comes it helps me to enjoy taking it slower, and focusing less on time, and allowing its hold on me to ease off just a little.

Because the time we have is finite, and perhaps we should be enjoying every second, instead of trying to expand it with more meaning and concrete, demonstrable ‘results’, to prove that it wasn’t wasted.

Breathe…. 🙂

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One of the most exciting things I have done in the past year was buy a knitting machine.  With no prior knowledge of knitting machines, or having ever even seen one.

One of the silliest things I have done in the past year was buy a knitting machine.  With no prior knowledge of knitting machines, or ever having seen one.

And expecting to be able to just work it out and go with the flow.

I am not dumb.


Just in case you were wondering……

I spent the weekend cleaning it, getting to know it, and bonding with it.  She was certainly happier after that, but no more eager to give up her secrets than she was before, and I spent a few hours painfully following the instruction book with absolutely no further success.  In desperation, and after scouring the MKAV website, and finding a Passap group not too far away from me, I phoned the organiser.

Halleluliah!  Like Batman she swung into action (you think I’m kidding), treating my problem like it was an emergency (really), and letting me know that she wouldn’t be able to come to my house for a lesson until the next day – would that be alright.  Um, yeah!!!

She looked over my machine, found one part that was broken, assured me it really was a bit stiff and cranky, but would loosen up in time, and that it was completely unconscionable for someone to sell me the machine without even one lesson.  She said it was impossible for anyone to be able to take possession of a machine and know what to do with it without ever having seen one.

She gave me advice on yarn and tension, and expectations, and was inspiring, and an excellent teacher, and was, I think, the best money I ever spent on anything.  You have no idea how well I slept the night before, knowing that she was coming to my rescue.

I am not dumb (whew).  I was beginning to wonder……..

Happy Days – still in progress.  Shadows, Highlight, leg definition + a dangling dolly to go in today…..

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