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Isn’t she beautiful!

A gift from the man.  I just keep taking her case off and running my fingers over her keys.  She reminds me that function can itself be a beautiful thing, and that slowness, is a gift that brings centredness if approached in the right way.  A chance to reflect on the simple act of doing, as well as the process and result – which is often imperfect these days, but lovely nonetheless for its simply being where it wasn’t before.

Booty from a trip to Kyo warehouse.  Geisha poems.  I keep turning them over in my hands, wondering what they say and marvelling at their simple beauty.  Apparently Geisha poems, but perhaps soap labels.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Blooms that I have not much time to enjoy, yet they feed me when I glance sideways and know that without working 5 days, these, and other small luxuries like a beautiful magazine, a wealth of new yarn and a takeaway dinner were completely beyond me most days in the last few years.

I am finding working 5 days (even though they are short ones for the most past) to be quite the adjustment.  I am behind in everything.  The washing, the house-cleaning, the gardening, the shopping for food.  I have not spent enough time in the studio – which needs to be organised again before it is usable.  I am craving the opportunity to sew new work clothes – being bored, bored, bored with black and unable to break that cycle somehow.  The weeks are unrelenting in their pace, and the weekends too fast.  School holidays worry me because I still need to work and stress over what to do with the children who need most of all – in their holidays to just chill and be and recharge.  Silly to worry over things that are not a problem yet – but there you are….

I am craving walnut coffee cake – homemade, but can’t get to the kitchen for long enough for that to materialise, or find the recipe in my immense and happy-making library.  Ditto for the lemon butter which used to be a daily pleasure some months back. The lemons sit – mocking me and knowing they are safe for the meantime.

And yet, for all this, I am happy.  Deliriously and fantastically happy.  Every day. Mostly.  And I am so very grateful for that.



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All you always, oil on canvas.  2010

It’s been a while between paintings.

Painting often brings an easiness and confidence to the process, A delicious irony that means the painting comes faster, is more spontaneous and leads naturally on to the next one – sometimes while the first one is part way through.

In the old house a studio was created – and while it was magnificent.  Light, airy, comfortable and well set out, I found it hard to be free in it.  Weirdly – here in the new house, the studio is dark, artificially lit, has spiders in the eaves and snails at the edges and I have to rummage through boxes to find what I need, but it has proven to be a stimulating space.  I think I may need some kind of discomfort to function as an artist.

Anyway, the painting was fun, and there are a few new works (and some older ones) available this weekend at the Canterbury Art show.  See here for details.

Love this show – always such a great buzz about it.

EDITED TO ADD: – sorry for the late posting.  The show is clearly over and was a success for the oprganisers by the look of it.  I won 3rd prize in their small works competition which was a bit of a buzz and sold another work.  So hurrah – and on we go. 🙂

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