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Net Work

works by Ailey Ball, Dagmar Cyrulla

Network opened over the weekend.

It’s an exhibition that needs to be explained I suppose, in the interests of grasping its importance, personally, and as an art collective.

TLF is a private, invitation only online forum, comprised of professional contemporary artists.   For this reason it’s an intensely comforting place to share ideas, experiences, technical matters and a laugh.  Being able to join a discussion that may be months old, and gain insight is quite special.  It’s also a special place because one gets the feeling that this is the new collective.  A new salon in the way of earlier physical collectives, but immediate, and Australia-wide. It’s the brainchild of Amanda Van Gils (and she’s a pretty special herself).

For the most part, my experience of it has been a personal one – getting to know people as people without being overwhelmed by their skill or success and feeling intimidated by that and sharing the journey of parenthood while juggling art in particular.  So with the chance to join the very first TLF curated exhibition I waved my arms wildly and said – me, me, me.  It was exciting and overwhelming to see the works collected and find one of mine among them.

Here’s a snapshot of the exhibition.  I know I’ve left works out, and some of the photos were blurry (some too blurry to include) but hopefully it’s enough of a taster to get you out to the Art Gallery of Ballarat for a look yourself.

Jan Berg (amazing texture and so, so big)

(that’s my one – down there, next to some pretty incredible works)

Deb Mostert, Kate Bergin, Steve Wharburton, Debbie Hill, David Coles, Sue Beyer

Merryn Trevethen

David Coles, Sue Beyer

Dianne Gall, Glenn Locklee

Steve Wharburton

Amanda Van Gils, Irene Wellm

Chris Delpratt

Irene Wellm

Darian Zam, Simon Collins

Simon Collins, Kez Hughes

Claire Bridge, Jim Thalassoudis

Such a great exhibition, such a great opening – and I have no photos of that, but trust me it was busy, and friendly, and such a treat to be able to put faces to names and make friendships just that little bit more real.  Dinner afterwards was a hoot, and while we left early, I believe it went on into the small hours and there was more than a little mischief.

Gotta love a bit of mischief.  And community.  Loving that. Network.  Go see.


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